On this page you will find products, services and online opportunties to help you work towards your personal health goals by saving your time and money. We appreciate your support to help our small business continue to serve the community members in our neighborhood. 



pick up or shipping is $6 for 1 item first class (except Prodovite) or $10 priority shipping 2+ items

Fish Oil liquid $28.75 save $11.25 2 Bottles available                       Vitamin D3 5,000 liquid $20 save $6.50 1 bottle available

Quinine Cinchona Bark $37.10 save $12.40 3 Bottle available    Super Zinc $22.13 save $7.37 2 Bottles available     

Immunomax Chewables $33.25 save $11.25 4 Bottles available Frontier Fiber (powder) $15 save $5 2 Bottle available

LivClear (detox) $32.63 save $10.87 1 Bottle available                      X-Flame (anti-inflammatory) $35 save $4.50 1 Bottle available

Electrolytes $20 save $5 1 Bottle available                                             AGGR (fat burner) $56.25 save $18.75 3 Bottles available

SPM $59.63 save $19.87 1 Bottle availalbe


Prodovite $89 4 Bottles available                                                                     Brain Reward $110  3 Bottles available

Super Digestion 120 count $55 save $10 5 Bottles                                L-Glutamine Powder $40 save $5   6 cans available             

Probiotics capsule $40 save $10 2 Bottle available                                Probiotics powder $75 save $15 3 Bottle available

CBD w essential oils large $275 save $25 order upon request        CBD w essential oils small pain relief $75 save $15 2 jar available

L-Arginine powder $35 save $5 3 cans 2 Green Apple, 1 Mixed Berry, 1 Pineapple, 1 Peach Lemonade

ChiroThin Metabolic Reset Program                            


In-Office Clients - 6-weekly check ins for accountability, support, whole body vibration sessions and IUP KIT.

Tele-Health Clients - Direct Shipping from the company located in Florida to your address. 

Tele-Health ChiroThin Clients need to email [email protected] for our pre-qualified health questionnaire. Once we receive your information we will respond with approval or non approval for our tele-health 6-week supportive program. In the Subject space CHIROTHIN QUESTIONNAIRE


Integrated Urinalysis Panel Test Kit

Urine Kits are in-office pick up only  

$300 - Includes Urine Kit, Priority shipping to the company, Results and Recommendations.


Food Inflammation Test Kit

Blood Test Kits in-office pick up or shipped $10 for USPS priority.  

Price varies on Blood Test Kits

  • Food test kit $150-$450 (add Leaky Gut Kit save $50 ) 
  • Leaky Gut Kit only $200

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics 

How do Dr Scholls Insoles compare with Custom Orthotics? (footlevelers.com)

Foot Levelers offers customized orthotics to each individual. A 3-D scan of your feet in a standing position will show balance/imbalance of your stance assessement. The 3-D scan will show where you the pressure/rotation or stress by how you are standing and give you a overall picture of how your stance may impact the joints in your body: feet, ankles, knees, hips and spinal joints. 

Each pair of orthotics comes with a one-year warranty and addresses the 3-arch support in each foot. 

Call to get your 3-D analysis and instant results emailed to you with recommendations. 


Custom Shoe Orthotics by Foot Levelers

3-D Foot Scan $10, 1 Custom Pair $299.99 add a 2nd pair for $99

(Save $100 off 1 pair or $400 off of 2 pairs of custom orthotics)

If you ordered a pair at our office and want to re-order call the office and will provide direct shipping add $20



Prodovite product available email us for our pricing. 

Visit Drucker Labs to learn about IntraMAX2.0 and IntraKID2.0 or VNI Prodovite.

Top quality efficient nutrition that gets in supplements Prodovite, IntraMAX, IntraKID products!

All orders ship direct from the company and the consumer is responsible for the shipping expense. Shipping prices vary based on how many products your order and your location. 

Contact the office for any questions and any/or product you order, we will work to give you a competitive price for ordering from our office. 


We accept all forms of credit card payments including HSA/FSA benefits cards. Our credit card machine automatically charges a 3.5% fee that goes directly to the merchant and is unavoidable. Other methods of payment are accepted to avoid this fee: 


Payments accepted 





ONLINE PRODUCTS we will order on your behalf: 

Click on each company to learn what products they offer. APEX Energetics and ChiroNutraceuticals are exclusive companies were you need a Doctor to order from their websites. 

APEX Energetics based out of California

ChiroNutraceutical's based out of Florida

NUTRITIONAL FRONTIERS based out of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

 We listed Nutritional Frontiers because our online dispensary doesn't carry all 100+ products and the CBD pain creams and oils they offer on their website. 

Take advantage of our online opportunities listed below:

Share with a friend, family member or loved one  



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300+ Professional Premium Supplement Brands

Free Shipping on all orders over  $49. under $49 shipping $4.59. All orders are shipped from Virginia. West Coast orders will ship from California.

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3rd Rock Essentials 

Toxin Free Personal Care Products 

Receive 20% off your orders, convenient direct shipping to your home. Free shipping for orders over $49

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SYNERGY ProArgi9+ 

Synergy WorldWide’s flagship product is the revolutionary ProArgi-9+. Known as the world’s highest quality l-arginine supplement, ProArgi-9+ has a clinically-proven, patent-pending formula that works powerfully to support your body’s blood circulation.

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VNI - Prodovite & Brain Reward  

Sign up here - https://www.vni.life/partner/DrSansone/home

How to order: under our link go to PRODUCTS find your products  hit the edit subscription (enter quantity, and subscribe) then create a username and password subscribe to get the wholesale price and become one of my preferred customers. 

The Science behind the products go to http://vniscience.com/


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