The Integrated Urinalysis Panel (IUP) is a laboratory test that shows how a person’s system is fighting to respond, to adapt and to manage their greatest pre-disposition towards the physical, emotional, and nutritional stresses that are directly or indirectly responsible for their health conditions.

Simply stated, the IUP is a “Body Audit” that tells a patient where they are spending their energy and resources, reveals the underlying causes, and provides insight as to the correct treatment to restore normal function, in an attempt to reverse or prevent chronic and degenerative disease.



The Integrated Urinalysis screens for nutritional stress provides clinical clues to how hard your body is fighting to maintain balance; providing you with a personal health and wellness roadmap to reverse chronic illness and restore normal:  You’ll receive a test report that McCaffrey Health uses to answer these vitally important health questions:

  • How is your body using the food/fuel you give it?
  • Are you adequately digesting the food you eat?
  • Are you absorbing the nutrients properly?
  • Are you experiencing nutritional deficiencies?
  • Are you getting rid of the body’s waste properly?
  • What is body holding on to and what the body is throwing away?
  • How is body struggling to maintain normal function?
  • Where are you deriving energy from?
  • What price is your body paying to stay normal?


Urine testing dates back almost 4000 years to the ancient tests of China and India. Urine is complex and contains over 3000 chemicals as it is used by the body in its attempt to adapt to an everchanging stressful environment.  The tests give insight into how the body is choosing to respond to stress and what it requires to remain healthy.

Urine composition reflects a patient’s ability to maintain nutritional and metabolic homeostasis (e.g. normal).  An integrated urinalysis examines the pathology results and tells how the body handles dietary intake throughout an entire day and night, not just a few hours. Our integrated urinalysis is an accurate indicator of where there’s a fire in the body…before it enters the disease state.

In today’s modern medicine, only a quick urine dipstick test is routinely performed to screen for serious disease conditions like diabetes, liver and kidney disease, cancers, etc.  Our urine screenings are conducted to check protein or calcium the body.  Individual test performed by a random doctor cannot provide the whole picture. The McCaffrey Body Audit is composed of a series of over two dozen chemical tests and correlations that are unique and often too complicated and time consuming for a hospital or doctor to run.   Unfortunately, current urine tests merely confirm diseases and does not look at the pathology behind how the body uses nutrition and digestion for health.




"To See is to know, to not see is to guess" Dr. Nepute

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